Martha my DEAR!

Martha my DEAR!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In The Kitchen With The Tombstone Blues

How to stave off boredom/tristesse on a rainy day?

Bake some of these babies and have a strong brew besides. They are also an excellent way to apologise. They were supposed to be LAVENDER! INFUSED! CUPCAKES! (yes) but my lavender hunt will have to wait for another day when it's sunny and I have an appropriate dress.
Maybe even an accomplice.

Will you come lavender hunting with me?

I'll bake you some of these?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The March Vader Dance

So it's still that time of the year where, night after night you perform some crazy hot/cold fever dance in bed. It's like a private peep show to the curtains.

See a little leg.

Hide a little leg.

Remove a piece of clothing.

And etc.

It could well be the weather but I prefer to blame it on the pillow cases I put on this week. Darth could disturb the sleep of many a people.

Fortunately, I've figured out how I'm going to sleep the sweet sleep of well, some kind of carbonite frozen sleep.

I'm gonna buy me one of these and sleep on the floor, the BF can toss and turn as much as he likes on the bed while I snuggle up with my lightsaber. Join me if you like, grab one from

Sweet sleeps!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sadie's Taken One For The Team

So my sewing machine is kaput, which means I can no longer entertain/distract myself AND have something to show for all my time procrastinating. Meh. At least it's still pretty to look at. In the mean time, I've gone back to some knitting. Nice and basic. A supremely long scarf, so it should last until poor Sadie is back up and running.